About me

 I'm a journalist and photographer from a little pocket of the world called Delaware. 


I have written about milking cows on a dairy farm in the moors of south Iceland, dressing up for a day of ax-throwing at the Renaissance Faire, piloting a helicopter above my hometown, living in Irish castles, and scrambling through marshlands with international birding experts in search of bald eagles.  

I am equally committed to writing about nonprofits that raise awareness about humanitarian or environmental issues. This includes various in-depth series and profiles about organizations battling urban blight, homelessness and mental illness; the unlikely journey of a musician stumbling upon and documenting the Eritrean refugee crisis; local experts' views on the disappearance of honey bees, to name a few.

My work has been featured by AFAR, Aer Lingus' CARAWOW air magazine, Greater Wilmington Convention & Visitors Bureau, Out & About Magazine and more.

When I'm not writing or traveling I love hosting Nic Cage Movie Nights, obsessively redecorating my home, spending time with my budding family of potted plants - and my human family - and bicycling.